The terms and conditions below commit, compel and condition the professional behavior of members:

  1. No member is allowed to conduct any other profession which will be in conflict of interest with his main profession that of the automotive assessor.
  2. Members are not allowed to receive directly or indirectly payment, discount or commission in relation to his services other than his professional fees.
  3. The relation between a member and his client must always be in confidence and no personal data or other details are to be discussed and or submitted anywhere without the written consent of his client.
  4. No member shall accept sub contracted services from other member unless it is with the written consent of the client.
  5. Members must always ensure before signing, that the reports, surveys and or other work carried out was done by him and/or his employees.
  6. Members are not allowed to conduct any work on a win-win base.
  7. Members are not allowed to promise or give or by any other means pay or compensate for services or recommendations that were given to conduct a survey.
  8. Members must always behave in a professional manner that does not expose or offend the association his position and his colleagues.
  9. Members are allowed to advertise as long as the advertisement does not mislead or implies information that is not true. It must clarify exactly the services that are offered according to the member’s grade and not the office or company that he represents. The advertisement must not suggests that the assessor, or his office, or his company is better than another member or refers to number of cases client names, income or number of successful cases. The professional fees scale cannot be advertised but can be given to a client when asked. Name and grade of the member must be distinctly and clearly stated.
  10. I will, as an automotive engineer assessor, regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession
  11. I will conduct both my personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence of the public.
  12. I will not use my profession and my position of trust for personal advantage or profit.
  13. I will make no claim to professional qualifications, which I do not possess.
  14. The administrative council of contact is the responsible body that will determine if the professional code of ethics was not observed by member or members and it has the power to decide depending on the case until the expulsion of member or members.


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