Cyprus Association of Automotive Engineer Assessors


The Cyprus Association of Automotive Engineer Assessors (CAAEA) is a professional association and its members are either independent or internal assessors. It has been founded in 2003 and since 2016 is a member of the International Federation of Automotive Expert (FIEA).

The Association is currently composed of the following Board Members:


  • President:
    George Hilarion

  • Vice President:
    Constantinos Televantos

  • Secretary:
    Pantelis Michaelides

  • Treasurer:
    Demetris Charalambous

  • Member:
    Michael Hilarion


The Association’s goal is to study and implement the appropriate means to achieve the following aims:

  1. to unify Automotive Engineer Assessors and ensure compliance with the duties attached to the exercise of the profession
  2. to define qualification criteria so as to determine a sufficient level of technical competence in the fields of:

    • Road safety
    • Inquiry into causes and circumstances as well as the investigation and reconstruction of traffic accidents
    • Determination of the origin and consequences of mechanical damage or of an accident
    • Assessment of vehicles as well as the method and estimation of repairs to them.

  3. To educate, train and certify qualified Automotive Engineers to Automotive Engineer Assessors.
  4. To regulate the legal status of the profession
  5. to examine all provisions for Arbitration and compromise on disputed matters
  6. to keep its members informed of legal, scientific and technical progress regarding the vehicle.
  7. to establish relationships and communications with organizations regarding matters in connection with the expertise of the CAAEA members’ activities, more particularly:
    • Government bodies
    • Economic and political institutions
    • Educational institutions
    • Courts of law
    • Legal firms
    • Insurance companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Repairers
    • Consumers and professional associations.