Cyprus Association of Automotive Engineer Assessors


The members are obliged to follow the code of conduct set by the association and adopt an unbiased and objective attitude in exercising their professional duties, specially to road safety regarding repairs to vehicles involved in road accidents.

The duties of the members are:

  1. damage assessment of vehicles involved

    • Road traffic accident
    • Mechanical/ electrical breakdowns
    • Fire

  2. Assessment of vehicle value for:

    • Insurance purpose
    • Buying or selling
    • Total loss cases
    • Tax purpose

  3. Supervision of vehicles repairs in accordance with manufactures’ standards
  4. Third party and general claim investigation
  5. Traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.


Code of professional conduct

The following rules commit, oblige and guide the professional conduct of the Automotive Engineer Assessors who are members of the Association:

  1. No member shall in any way be connected with any trade that create conflict of interest with his main profession of Automotive Engineer Assessor.
  2. No member shall receive directly or indirectly any gratuity, discount or trade commission in connection with his professional work and his charges to his client shall be the only remuneration with such work.
  3. The relationship between a member and his client or clients shall at all times be strictly fiduciary and he shall not discuss with any third party the details of his instructions or of any document without the knowledge of his client.
  4. No member shall accept work in respect of which another member has received instructions unless he is satisfied that it’s with the approval of the client.
  5. No member shall issue a report with his signature unless the work dealt with therein shall have done by himself or his staff or the graduate member who is under his supervision. For student or graduate members their reports must be co-signed by an approved member who supervises them.
  6. No member shall accept instructions on the basis that no charge will be made unless a successful result is achieved.
  7. No member shall by commission or in any other way make any payment for the introduction of work or offer any financial or other inducement to secure instructions.
  8. A member shall at all times conduct himself in such a manner as not to prejudice in any way the interests of the association or its members or his position as a member thereof.
  9. Members are allowed to advertise without misleading or implying but to inform precisely what their professional services are according to their membership grade and not the office or the company they represent. The advert must not suggest that the assessor or the firm he is representing is better in serving than other assessor or to refer to success of previous cases. The professional fees must not be advertised but can be given to the interested client at his request. At the advert, the name and grade of the member must be clearly stated.
  10. The Board of the Association alone shall determine whether or not a breach of these rules have been committed and has the power to decide accordingly to the case even the dismissal of the member or members.